The Surprising Beauty of Queer Eye

I've been on a journey the past year to really understand the world of fashion, in particular, trying to understand why it's important. Why should we care about it? Why do people spend so much time obsessing about? Magazines spend thousands shooting and re-shooting photos, and editors are catapulted into celebrity status. Is it significant? Is it… Continue reading The Surprising Beauty of Queer Eye


Why I’m Restarting This Blog

New year, new you. New month, new chance. New day, new start. This is me, trying to pump myself up to write this. I've been kicking my butt trying to get back to writing again. Since the start of 2018, I've been fantasizing about all these new blog ideas I've had. How I want to… Continue reading Why I’m Restarting This Blog

Founder’s Diary: Happiness Is Now.

I cried in front of six strangers a few weeks ago. And not drops of tears, dignified kind of pretty crying. I full out bawled, ugly face, makeup streaked, snotty dripping kind of crying. The last few weeks (months) have been really rough. I’m writing this now after I’ve overcome the worst of it, but… Continue reading Founder’s Diary: Happiness Is Now.

Founder’s Diary: Leap

This week, J and I found ourselves in the most unexpected situation. There we were, in a crowded Moxies. Having dinner and drinks with a guy who, two years ago, we would have had no business knowing. This guy has spent the last 25 years working with the hottest, emerging retail brands, and has the… Continue reading Founder’s Diary: Leap

When Smart People School You

A few nights ago, I was at a girlfriend's house for wine and cheese and a little banter. There were three of us there - all of us women, entrepreneurs in the ethical fashion scene, and each of us struggling through business, relationships, and life in general. We get together every once in a while… Continue reading When Smart People School You

Because I Said Yes

I remember sliding my clothes off, the apprehension and excitement of not knowing what would come next. Thankfully, it wasn't a full moon that night, but the half that was visible shone an ethereal glow that bounced off the Madre de Dios river; calm and quiet and tranquil. We were a group of us, all… Continue reading Because I Said Yes