Train Tracks & Faith

I looked up at the night sky and wondered about the promises I made myself when I was younger.

Who did I want to be? Where would I be at this point in my life? What would I be doing? Was I happy?

As a kid, I always told myself I was meant for something big. I was special in some way, I was meant to do more.

As I grew up, there were moments where my faith in that truth wavered. Life has a way of kicking you down, submerging your head into a toilet like a bully, and making you feel like you’re nothing. You’re small. You’re insigificant. You’re just like everyone else.

But these days, my faith is secure. Running a business, living with my partner, staying up til 4am talking with my siblings over hot cider spiked with rum (a new Christmas  tradition) – I know there’s something magical in the mundanity.

I may be just like everyone else, but maybe everyone else is special, too.

We don’t always know where the train tracks we’ve laid down will lead… they may sometimes go nowhere, or they could lead you into this majestic place undiscovered and untouched, a little bit wild and taken over by green.

The point is to make a promise to yourself and to keep it. Despite the chaos, there is a way to stay grounded. Follow the tracks, let them lead you somewhere new. Promise yourself that you will end up right where you are meant to be.


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