I read a post from A Good Blog is Hard to Find about the reasons people blog and how everyone’s goals and writing styles are different. If you haven’t already, check it out. I commented to the author on how his genuine and simple writing style made me reflect on my own goals and authenticity.

I began writing because I was looking for a space to share my thoughts and ideas. If with no one else, then at least writing would let me vent out all the craziness from inside my head and let it diffuse out into the blogosphere. I’ve been able to do that to an extent, but once you’re online and reading and following these amazing blogs, and seeing 100+ comments and follows on other people’s posts, you start to get insecure and wonder about your inadequacies.

This is especially true when you’re venturing into business and social entrepreneurship. The questions can drive. you. mad. How come my blog post only got 20 views? Why are my Facebook posts not being shared? Why can’t I be a better writer? Will we ever make any money, ever? What makes charity: water so great, anyway? (hint: they are actually awesome).

My point is that it’s easy to get caught up in other people’s visions (including your own): visions of what a blog should look like, what “authentic” writing is, how many followers you should have, how outgoing you should be, what a “successful” entrepreneurial lifestyle should look like. No one ever talks about the dark stuff, or they gloss over it and say, “yes, I went through a really tough time but I overcame it and now I’m a hugely successful business owner.”

How about days like the past Monday when you’re too depressed and discouraged to even get out of bed? When you do nothing productive at all because you just can’t stop crying? When you put all your fucking heart and soul into something and it still turns to shit, and then you have to get up the next day and just keep going? What about those moments? Would you like to hear about them?

I sure would.


19 thoughts on “Life and Happiness Online

  1. Your post was at the top when i went to “Commons”… so to get started and get an idea of what #8 assignment is all about, I chose YOU! Thanks! It helped me “see” what to do. And then I read your post . It sounds a bit like whining and a case of the poor mes, BUT I did exactly that in #7. How I ameliorated it was by sharing my solutions to “lifting myself out of my unhappiness.” Yeah, I’d like to hear more about that stuff too!!

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    1. Thanks for your insight, Gina! I admit it does sound like whining but that’s also why I wrote it. I wanted to talk about authenticity and how some days, you basically do just feel like crap and need to talk about it, even if you don’t have a solution. I think people writing about their downs as much as their ups could help make us all be a bit more authentic. Thanks for adding to the conversation 🙂


  2. I agree with you. I am trying to have my worrying style be a conversation I’m having with myself almost. Encouraging myself or telling myself to get it together. It’s hard not to get caught up in other people’s opinion and stay focused on why you started blogging to begin with.

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    1. It’s nice to know you feel the same way, Lynn. I actually immediately regretted posting such a negative piece since I worried what people would think of me. But I forced myself to leave it up. It’s how I felt at the time, and I was honest, and we shouldn’t censor ourselves out of fear of what people think. Thanks again and I’m looking forward to checking out your blog 🙂

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  3. i am just new to this blogging thingy and i get sidetrack at times seeing there’s a lot of fascinating blogs out there (like your btw). but at the end of the day, it’s still best to be just you when you write. of course it,s also good to explore different styles to make it more fun. but being you is still the best way to go right?

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  4. Wow, this post hit home with me right away and then your comment about how you thought it was negative prompted me to comment. I don’t think it’s negative at all. It’s very very open and honest and the online world needs more people willing to share things that aren’t picture perfect. I just wanted to say thank you for your willingness to put this out there and share in the same thoughts and fears many of us have.

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    1. Thanks for sharing, Kelly! I’m so glad for your comment, not least of all since it allowed me to discover your blog 🙂 I really appreciate that you were able to relate. It makes the biggest difference to know you’re not alone and that, at the end of the day, everyone has their moments of struggle and success. Thanks again for reaching out 🙂

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  5. “How come my blog post only got 20 views?”.. wow, i’ll be more than happy if my post can get half of that, lol.. another whiner, you might say.. am contemplating abandoning my blog for as a moderator, i do not have something to moderate.. guess blogging is not for me..


    1. Oh no, I just picked a random number. I was barely bringing in 5 views when I first started blogging, so don’t let that discourage you! If you do decide blogging isn’t for you, I hope you still find a way to bring your voice online. Not everyone enjoys writing, but that’s why it’s great there are so many options – vlogging, micro-blogging on Twitter, even creating presentations via SlideShare, etc. Don’t give up!

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