Hello world (again)

 Photo credit kaboompics.com via pexels.com

I’m not going to lie – this isn’t the first time I’ve attempted to write a blog. In fact, I’ve been a wannabe blogger and closet writer since I was in pigtails and chasing after boys in elementary school. So what makes this time different?

As a high school and university student, I always thought blogger = expert. I thought you had to have several years of experience learning and working and researching a particular subject before you could be qualified to talk about it. So I attempted to fit that mould. I’ve tried writing about HR, leadership, travelling, and even an autobiography of sorts since, let’s face it – we can all be experts at ourselves, right? Nothing stuck.

Looking back, I realize I set myself up for failure. Being an expert requires years of commitment to one subject, one field, one path. Would that ever be me?

That’s when I realized. I’m not an expert. I’m a nerd. I love to learn. I love to go to webinars and conferences about employment law, test vegan recipes one day and grill a steak the next, attend French classes and Spanish meet-ups, randomly learn JavaScript from CodeAcademy.org just ’cause, and travel to off-the-beaten path destinations like Colombia and Romania. I’m 25 and already transitioning to a new career path for the second time in my relatively young career. I’m far from your definition of expert if ever there was one.

So what is this blog about if it’s about nothing in particular? The way I look at it, it’s an ode to learning and unconventional wisdom. It’s about embracing how little you know, and maybe even enjoying it with a little experimentation. Scott Stratten, a renowned Canadian marketer, established a successful book series called Unselling and Unmarketing that talks about moving away from conventional tactics. Well, I’m clearly no Scott Stratten, but I guess this is my form of Unexperting (hopefully no copyrights have been infringed on there).

I’ll write about food, living in Toronto, HR, employment law, marketing, social media, social businesses, entrepreneurship, feminism, start ups, and culture. I’ll also write about that book I happen to be reading (Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook) or that new experiment I’m trying out (morning pages from Julia Cameron, as suggested by my social media professor Karen Schulman-Dupuis). I’ll write about this and anything else that happens to strike my fancy.

The best writers say to write what you love. And I do love to learn.

Yep, nothing but nerd over here.


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