What I Learned About Life After Planning A Wedding For A Year

Our wedding day has come and gone, and while I'm still floating high on nostalgia and amazing memories from that night, I'm also feeling a mountain of relief. The whole day was beautiful and though it had its fair share of hiccups, J and I loved every second of it. It was everything we hoped… Continue reading What I Learned About Life After Planning A Wedding For A Year

My Experiment

I've started reading Gary Vaynerchuk's book Crushing It, and it filled me with a nervous energy. The kind that keeps you up at night with anxiety because there's something stirring deep in your soul and you're not acting on any of it. You feel there's an opportunity slipping you by. And worse. You know you could… Continue reading My Experiment

The Surprising Beauty of Queer Eye

I've been on a journey the past year to really understand the world of fashion, in particular, trying to understand why it's important. Why should we care about it? Why do people spend so much time obsessing about? Magazines spend thousands shooting and re-shooting photos, and editors are catapulted into celebrity status. Is it significant? Is it… Continue reading The Surprising Beauty of Queer Eye

Founder’s Diary: Happiness Is Now.

I cried in front of six strangers a few weeks ago. And not drops of tears, dignified kind of pretty crying. I full out bawled, ugly face, makeup streaked, snotty dripping kind of crying. The last few weeks (months) have been really rough. I’m writing this now after I’ve overcome the worst of it, but… Continue reading Founder’s Diary: Happiness Is Now.

Founder’s Diary: Leap

This week, J and I found ourselves in the most unexpected situation. There we were, in a crowded Moxies. Having dinner and drinks with a guy who, two years ago, we would have had no business knowing. This guy has spent the last 25 years working with the hottest, emerging retail brands, and has the… Continue reading Founder’s Diary: Leap